Instagram Tips: The Ultimate Hashtag Hack

So this little tip comes from the geniuses over at FStoppers – and it’s going to make your Instagram life that much easier.

By now, everyone knows the hashtag “hack” of writing out your favourites in notes on your phone, and then copying and pasting over to Instagram when it’s time to post. Yet, I bet very few people thought about using the keyboard settings on their phone to create and even shorter shortcut. Yeah – you know those viral posts that did the rounds on Facebook a few years ago where some kids changed their mother’s phones to replace “no” with “hell yeah!!!”, that’s exactly what this is, but with hashtags.

If you going into your settings and select the “keyboard” section of your settings, and go in and select “replace text”, you can go ahead and copy your hashtags in and create a keyboard shortcut. You could literally reduce your hash tagging effort to typing out one letter (I wouldn’t recommend this – do one for an acronym that you’ll remember).

Using this method, you can have a selection of different hashtags ready to go in seconds – and have multiple acronyms for different pictures for variety.

If you’re not too tech savvy, not to worry, I’ve put together a couple of pics for you get your head around setting this up (if you’re on Android… sorry!).

Step one: Head over to “Settings” on your phone, and go to “General”.


Step two: Select “Keyboards” and go into “Text Replacement”.


Step three: In “Text Replacement”, copy and paste the hashtags you’ve saved in your notes or type them out if you don’t do that (…seriously, if you’re still tapping out your # this tip is going to change your life). Once you’ve done that, make sure to type in a shortcut you’ll remember: below I’ve just used the first initial of each hashtag here, but you can use whatever you’ll remember and is quick to type. For example, I tend to use “gtm” as the shortcut for the numerous ones I often use. I then have a completely different shortcut for the account I run at work – which is full of adrenaline and travel related hashtags – so completely different to my personal account.


Step four: When uploading your picture to Instagram, simply type out the shortcut you’ve created – once it’s typed out all the hashtags will pop up above the keyboard as a suggestion, which you can tap, or you can simple press space after typing, and it will autofill if for you.


Step five: And hey presto! You’re an Instagram genius, go tell your friends how awesome you are and amaze them with your Instagram know-how.


Did you like this? Let me know here or on Instagram if this has been helpful – if so I’ll keep an eye out for more useful Instagram tips, tricks and hacks to make your life that little bit easier.


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